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"We have been using Tonal Painting Services for several years as subcontractors and could not be more pleased with the professionalism and end results of their efforts. Ron and his crew always go the extra mile to ensure the end customer is satisfied with the work.

From drywall repair to special finishes, Ron is one of the most knowledgeable tradespersons in his field. His finish selections and recommendations have always fit the clients expectations. Time sensitivity and time constraints during special projects are never an issue as the Tonal Paining staff remains flexible enough to get the project completed on time.

We are a more rounded service provider for our customer base with the addition of Tonal Painting Services and look forward to continuing our working relationship."

Brian De Lillo

Account Manager

Building Technology Engineers/EMCOR Facility Services

On the facilities management end, Tonal Painting has performed work for some of the largest companies around. BTE and JLL are titans in their field and through hard work and diligence, we have found ourselves on their preferred vendor lists. If you are already working with one of these established companies, contact your account manager and let them know you need us! 

A couple of our Boston and Greater Boston clients are Millipore Sigma and Folio Boston.

We have performed extensive and on-going work for both and have continued to impress with our commitment  to excellence, honesty, the discerning client.

Add your company to our growing list .. call today!

Tonal Painting has over 25 years experience in both the residential and commercial fields.

Often, in the Commercial world, getting the job done isn't as important as how you get the job done.

Our years of experience in dealing with our commercial painting clients pays and it shows.

Get your project completed on time, safely, and with minimal impact to your day-to-day operations;

contact us and see how we can best serve you today.

Call or text us for a free quote

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