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Tonal Painting has over 25 years experience in both residential and commercial applications

with more than 7 years under current management. We have the labor bandwidth to address large projects with speed and efficiency while maintaining small, compartmentalized groups to tackle smaller jobs with ease. 



It all starts with your free quote. 

Be careful when our competitors sell you their "free estimates". 

That means the price could go up considerably when the final bill is handed to you; our quotes are final unless you change the scope of work. 

No surprises!



The next step is to plan your project!

We know what you will need for paint and materials, we also know how long it'll take our professionals to complete the tasks.

You let us know the best way for us to work around your schedule and comfort needs and we will do our best to accommodate!



There's a right and a wrong way to do everything.  

When it comes to surface coverings like paint or epoxies, improper preparation can be disastrous. 

Our teams know the steps necessary to ensure a great finished product that will still be turning heads years down the road. 



We have the most experienced painters on our teams and we use the best paint, materials and work practices suited for your project. 

The result is a great looking job that you will be very happy with and our team will proudly stand behind.



The job is done, everything looks great and you're itching to pay the bill ... yeah right.

Luckily, we know that spending a chunk of your hard earned money all at once can make any project look unattractive. Tonal has payment options to fit almost any budget and we are willing to work WITH our honest and hard-working customers to find a good fit.

Every other part of our process flows wonderfully, and we try our best to make even the payment part as painless as the rest.

Call or text us for a free quote

(Mobile Phones: Tap to call - Hold to text)

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