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Honesty. Quality. Efficiency.

Call Now to Find Out How to Get 30% off Labor for Residential Jobs!

Residential Applications


Tonal Painting has provided highest quality interior and exterior painting for over 25 years.

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Fully Insured


We value our employees and your property; although Tonal Painting takes every measure to ensure that nothing happens to either, we also have to prepare for the unexpected.  

Our insurance coverage has grown over the years to satisfy our largest clients' insurance requirements. If you would like more information regarding our policies and limits, please click below.

Commercial Solutions


Tonal Painting expanded offerings in 2013 to include commercial clientele. For years, we have impressed our business minded customers with our professionalism, efficiency and honesty. 

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 Our service is all-inclusive;  from the consultation and quote, to material acquisition and finish work. 

Tonal Painting will get your project started, keep it going in the right direction, and see it through to the finish.

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