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Wrapping up the year!
A very productive month of September!
The "Honey-do" list
Where have we been the last three weeks? Well, let me tell you!
I've been around the world (well, Massachusetts) and ay ay ay!!!


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A very productive month of September!

Malden ~A small "starter portion" of a much larger job. An upstairs office and guest bedroom have been patched, sanded, and painted. Ceilings, walls, and trim ... 2 coats!

Salisbury ~I don't think I have ever tried to fit so  much work into such a small time-frame. ALL 37 cabinet and drawer faces removed, labeled and set aside, two coats of a Synthetic Shellac latex based primer and two to three coats of finish paint on all faces and base cabinetry. A custom built shelving unit go the same treatment since I was asked so nicely!

The "Honey-do" list

I couldn't put off painting my Daughter's bedroom any longer. Well, technically I could have, but then I would have been painting in the house I just got thrown out of.  Ha!

Where have we been the last three weeks? Well, let me tell you!

Easton-All finished on this job!  Ceilings successfully replaced, re-insulated, and re-plastered. New ceilings painted and all of the adjoining walls repainted to even out the color. 

Stoughton-Ceiling, walls, and trim painted. A big thanks to the owners for moving the furniture around before we arrived; this probably eliminated a whole day of moving and rearranging things which made the job so much easier for us (and cheaper for our customers as well!). Rooms included were the living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, and a hallway; AND, we fixed the disaster that the tile guys left behind.

Westwood, MA

A lot of work to be done here in a very short period of time. Master bedroom stripped of all wallpaper, wall sealing agent applied, skim coated, sanded with two coats of wall paint, one coat of trim finish paint and one coat on the ceiling AAANNNDD repaired water stains on ceiling in an adjacent room, and finish coat of paint on that ceiling.

Medfield, North Reading, Dedham, and Roslindale

It has been a crazy couple months for our crew, and with the recent addition (my beautiful daughter), it has been difficult to keep up with this blog. A short recap of the last two months :

  • Revisited an old customer in Medfield. For reasons unknown, the stain killing primer used on their bathroom ceilings failed (peeled and chipped). We went back to fix this problem and restore the bathrooms to the magnificent state they were in when we left. It has been over a month since this restorative work was completed, so it is safe to say that the repairs went well and the problem has been rectified.

Temporarily out of work!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Milania Rose Ricci, the newest member of our company ... I'm sorry ... newest member of our FAMILY! 

Please, LIKE, SHARE, and do whatever it is people do with these posts to garner attention for my company. We now have TWO beautiful children that need to go to Ivy League schools and have different outfits for every day of the month. Hahaha!
I've carefully selected a couple small jobs to, well, prevent work withdrawal syndrome; but other than that I am off work until December.

Roxbury Complete

We finished up a few days ago but haven't had the chance to upload the finished photos. Here's a couple !! 

Sherborn to Roxbury ...

Although it is late in the year to take on extensive exterior work, I couldn't turn down our next customer. Young guy buying his first multi-family property in Roxbury, MA ... so excited about his MASSIVE  "Painted Lady", a 1910 Queen Anne Victorian. There is certainly a LOT of work to be done here before the weather changes ... I'm not sure who sold the job to whom, but I couldn't turn down someone so enthused about his new home. I don't want to embarrass you with "before" pictures, but everyone is going to want to see the finished product here.


WOW! What a busy couple weeks! Sherborn went off without a hitch; just a touch up job for a customer whom we have been servicing for over 10 years. There isn't much to look at when you're scraping and touching up columns all around a 5 million dollar home, but I snuck in a couple pictures of the yard out back. I could only fit maybe 1 of the 5 acres in the shot. Gorgeous!

From Wayland to Norwood

Well, it's been more than a couple days since my last post. Our time in Wayland has finally come to an end, and then it was off to Norwood for a quick living room job (which doubled in size after the second day). Check out our pictures and color schedules from Wayland, and stay tuned ... hopefully in the next couple days I'll have the finish pictures from Norwood. Off to Sherborn next!