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Medfield, North Reading, Dedham, and Roslindale

It has been a crazy couple months for our crew, and with the recent addition (my beautiful daughter), it has been difficult to keep up with this blog. A short recap of the last two months :

  • Revisited an old customer in Medfield. For reasons unknown, the stain killing primer used on their bathroom ceilings failed (peeled and chipped). We went back to fix this problem and restore the bathrooms to the magnificent state they were in when we left. It has been over a month since this restorative work was completed, so it is safe to say that the repairs went well and the problem has been rectified. Our customers were very thankful for the free repairs and were so happy with the service and finished product that they invited us to do some commercial work for them in their investment properties in town. Thank You!

  • Continuation of an ongoing job in North Reading. Phase one, which was completed in August last year, has led us now into phase two ... The remodeling of the 1400 square foot basement. Custom shelving and cabinetry, new casings, doors, baseboards, etc. Tile work, a new built in bar, a suspended ceiling. This was a LOT of work and is still being pieced together part and parcel. Naturally, Tonal Painting is not responsible for ALL the new work; we handled the finish prep and painting work. But we have worked in conjunction with a fantastic construction and home remodeling group who can be made available to our customers for custom build jobs. A special thanks to McManus Construction .. your work is impeccable, is priced very reasonably, and your contractors are top notch gentlemen. No problem having you in our highest end customers' homes. 

  • Dedham home flip. A few old friends from the neighborhood have taken the next step and begun to flip homes. Their first venture, on Beacon Street in Dedham, MA. is absolutely fantastic. We provided the finish prep and paint work for their project. Newly finished hardwood floors throughout, a finished basement, new bathroom with toilet, sink, vanity and tile, brand new kitchen with all new cabinetry and drawer work (slam proof), enclosed pantry, all  new appliances, etc. Keep an eye out for this property which should be on the market soon! 48 Beacon Street, Dedham, Ma.  Special recognition to Jon Lawless (Real Estate Agent), and Charles Malley (Owner of Pinnacle Heating and Plumbing). Excellent job on this flip gentlemen .. we can't wait to work with you on the next one.

  • And finally Roslindale. The first of what we expect to be a long and busy season of insurance related paint and repair jobs. This job came a little earlier in the season than expected; a tree fell and hit this home causing widespread water damage. Our team stripped all the old wallpaper, skimmed walls, stain blocked the  water stains and otherwise repaired all the eyesores before repainting all of the affected areas. The finish product in these areas was so pleasing to our customer that we were invited to stay and complete a couple more rooms. Let us work with you on your insurance claim project to make sure you get the MOST bang for your buck and pay NOTHING out of pocket!