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WOW! What a busy couple weeks! Sherborn went off without a hitch; just a touch up job for a customer whom we have been servicing for over 10 years. There isn't much to look at when you're scraping and touching up columns all around a 5 million dollar home, but I snuck in a couple pictures of the yard out back. I could only fit maybe 1 of the 5 acres in the shot. Gorgeous!

From Wayland to Norwood

Well, it's been more than a couple days since my last post. Our time in Wayland has finally come to an end, and then it was off to Norwood for a quick living room job (which doubled in size after the second day). Check out our pictures and color schedules from Wayland, and stay tuned ... hopefully in the next couple days I'll have the finish pictures from Norwood. Off to Sherborn next!

Wayland, MA ... One down, Two to go!

Well, week one is complete at our big project in Wayland. Stage one is tearing out all the old wallpaper, skimming, sanding, and painting walls, ceiling , and trim in an upstairs bedroom and bathroom. Normally these rooms were the Master Bedroom and En-Suite Master Bath, but for convenience, the customers have converted these rooms into a guest bed and bath for their grandchildren. Check out the before and after pictures and, for color schedules, see our Interior Ideas page. Don't forget about our new Facebook page, all of the colors will be posted there as well!

Wayland, MA

Starting a new job in Wayland, MA tomorrow!
We're going to be stripping wallpaper, skimming, sanding, painting, and every other thing you can think of under the sun for the next 2 to 3 weeks here. Check out our Interior Ideas and Before and After pages here on the website, and stay tuned for posts on our Facebook page as well ... this place is going to look amazing! We hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend, but it's back to the grind again folks. Good Luck!

Done in Dover

All finished up in Dover today; skimmed and smoothed the chalkboard wall and patched a WHOLE lot of other holes and dings. At the customer's preference, the entire nursery was painted Valspar's "Ultra White" ... it looks great! Check out the before and after pictures!
A couple days off now to spend with my family and then back to work in Wayland, MA. ... details to follow. Happy Labor Day everyone !

Dover, MA

We're revisiting an old job this week. Last time we were here we painted the kitchen and ragged the dining room and entry hallway ... that was 8 years ago! We're getting old!
This time around we're just spending a few days cleaning up a bedroom and transforming it into a beautiful new nursery. Check out this blog, our Interior Ideas, or Before and After sections in a day or two to see how it all came out. 

Westwood .. WOW

Finished the new Entryway System for the Bolser Family in Westwood. They are blown away by the results, and honestly, so are we. If only we could afford a quality camera to do this doorway paint job justice ... 
Estimates etc. this upcoming week, and then off to Dover. 


Re-staining a set of steps leading to the back porch. And of course, while we're here, "can you guys paint the front hallway, patch and fix some door scrapes and dings, and PATCH and SEAL my driveway?!" ... yes ma'am, of course we can. We'll be here until tomorrow folks and then off to Westwood to give a new entryway and front shutters a face-lift. 
Happy Monday!

Boxford Complete

Our customers are very happy with the finished product in Boxford. I've attached a couple photos to check  out; but take a look in our Interior Ideas section for the color schedules. 
We have a few odd jobs to tend to early next week. Stay tuned for updates!

Boxford, MA

Heading all the way up to Boxford, MA. today. On the menu for this week is a large formal dining room, a hallway, and a nursery for an upcoming stork delivery. Also taking care of some water stains from last winter. These areas are going to look beautiful when they're completed ... be sure to check out our Interior Ideas section soon for pictures and color schedules.